Point match game in backgammon

What is a point match game in backgammon and when playing how can you tell how many points have been achieved?

Sandra asked:
I got locked into a game that would not end. After an hour, game after game, the points never changed, once one game completed the next one began. What happened and how can I make sure that I don’t get hooked again.


A point match game in backgammon is a series of games played until one player reaches a predetermined number of points, typically 5, 7, or 11. Each game is worth one point, and the winner of each game earns a point towards the match. The first player to reach the predetermined number of points wins the match.

In some cases, players can get locked into a continuous series of games if the match is set up incorrectly. This can happen if the match is set to play to an infinite number of points or if the match is set up with an incorrect number of points.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, be sure to set up the match correctly before starting to play. Double-check that the match is set to end at the desired number of points, and make sure to keep track of the number of points earned by each player as the games progress. Some online backgammon platforms automatically keep track of the points earned in a match, so be sure to check the platform’s settings to see if this feature is available.

Additionally, players can communicate with their opponents to confirm the match settings and ensure that both players are on the same page. This can help avoid confusion and prevent getting locked into an endless series of games.