How to Play Backgammon : Dice Irregularities for the Game of Backgammon

How to Play Backgammon : Dice Irregularities for the Game of Backgammon

Learn about dice irregularities in backgammon this free lesson on how to play backgammon, the board game. Expert: Grady Johnson bio: Grady Johnson is principal painter with over twenty five years experience of painting. He has worked in industrial construction, new, and remodel areas of the painting.

As with any game that involves dice, there is always the possibility of dice irregularities in backgammon. While it is rare, it can happen, and it is important for players to know how to handle these situations.

One common irregularity is when a die lands on an edge and does not fully land on a single number. If this happens, the roll is considered invalid, and both dice must be re-rolled. It is important to note that both dice must be re-rolled, even if only one of them landed on an edge.

Another irregularity that can occur is when a die is cocked, meaning it lands on a point or is not completely flat on the playing surface. If a die is cocked, it must be re-rolled. It is also important to ensure that the playing surface is flat and level to minimize the chances of cocked dice.

If a player suspects that the dice are not rolling fairly, they can request to use a dice cup. A dice cup is a small cup that is used to shake the dice before rolling, ensuring that they are completely random and fair.

It is also important to note that players should not touch the dice while they are in play. They should be moved using the designated tool or finger placement outlined by the game rules to avoid any suspicion of tampering.

If there is a dispute over the dice, it is important to call a neutral third party to make a ruling. This could be a tournament official, another player not involved in the game, or someone designated by the game room or club.

In summary, while irregularities in dice rolling are rare in backgammon, they can happen. It is important for players to know the rules surrounding invalid rolls and how to handle any disputes that may arise. By following these guidelines, players can ensure a fair and enjoyable game of backgammon.