Russian backgammon

where can you play russian style backgammon on the computer?

yucca2u asked:
both players start on the same side bering on the board with the roll of the dice and beraing off on the other side. when you get doubles you play the top side of dice and reverse side also so double 6 would be 4 rolls of 6 and 4 rolls of 1. everthing else is the same thanks in advance.


Russian-style backgammon is a variant of the traditional backgammon game, also known as “Narde”. In this version, the starting position of the checkers is different, and players move their pieces in opposite directions, from the bottom right to the top right for one player, and from the bottom left to the top left for the other player.

Russian-style backgammon games

There are several online platforms that offer Russian-style backgammon games, including:

  1. Backgammon Galaxy – This website offers a wide range of backgammon variants, including Narde (Russian backgammon), and allows players to compete with others from around the world.
  2. GammonSite – This site also offers Narde as well as traditional backgammon games. It also offers a variety of tournaments for players to compete in.
  3. BackgammonAce – This site provides both online play and downloads of software to play Narde, as well as a range of other backgammon variants.
  4. Play65 – This platform offers Narde as well as other backgammon variations, and allows players to compete in tournaments for cash prizes.

It’s worth noting that rules may differ slightly between platforms, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the specific rules of the site you choose to play on.