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What Do We Mean by Free Backgammon? – an article by Gene Marshall

The expression “free backgammon” is heard a great deal these days and people way well wonder what do we mean by free backgammon? Backgammon has been with us for thousands of years and for much of its long history it is possible to say it has been a free game. The original backgammon set required nothing more elaborate than a flat piece of wood for the backgammon board, small stones for the counters and a dice made out of a discarded bone. Therefore, the ancient world backgammon players could easily get their backgammon set up without having to spend any money. With the commercialization of backgammon set production from the 1800’s onwards, more people were buying their backgammon sets from retail outlets but the option of making your own backgammon set remained and it is still available today for those who don’t wish to buy a set or maybe just prefer to make something themselves.

So, free backgammon might well be applied to the lack of expense involved in procuring the basic items required to conduct the game. It could also just as easily be applied to learning how to play backgammon. The traditional way of learning the backgammon rules has been through observing the games of experienced players. Certainly, today a person may choose to acquire their backgammon instructions from one of the many books that have been published describing the game in detail, but there is no need to pay for a book if they live near a public library. The game’s popularity insures that many backgammon books are usually in stock. Although the most enthusiastic players often opt to join backgammon clubs, membership is frequently available free of charge and the possibility of learning to play without having to pay anything remains available to anyone who is interested. .

The rapid development of Internet backgammon over the past fifteen years has certainly enhanced the possibilities of finding free backgammon. Today, when a person uses this expression they are more likely than not referring to online backgammon. For anyone who has a connection to the Internet, there is no longer any need to even make the minimal investment in buying a backgammon set from the shop but all they need to do is log onto a site and make a backgammon game download from the Internet. The sophisticated backgammon software now available does an excellent job in presenting an attractive 3-D version of the game, its boards, counters and dice. Also freely available are practice games against challenging backgammon computers or against players of various skill levels from around the world.

To participate in backgammon gambling usually involves some small fee paid to the site, and depending on the player’s skills at the game, they may find their winnings at the game exceed by many times the cost of participating and this can be seen as another aspect of free backgammon. If you’re interested in improving your skills then playing online is a great way to do it for free.

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