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The Backgammon Game Crosses All International Boundaries – an article by Gene Marshall The backgammon game has enjoyed an international following for thousands of years. Children all over the world learn how to play backgammon at an early age, and games of backgammon can be found in schools, clubs and cafes across the globe. We […]

What Do We Mean by Free Backgammon? – an article by Gene Marshall The expression “free backgammon” is heard a great deal these days and people way well wonder what do we mean by free backgammon? Backgammon has been with us for thousands of years and for much of its long history it is possible […]

The Story of the Backgammon Set – an article by Gene Marshall The story of the backgammon set begins in the Near East thousands of years ago. According to recent research the backgammon game was first played in the areas now occupied by modern day Iraq and Iran. The basic elements of the backgammon board […]

The Long and Interesting History of Backgammon – an article by Gene Marshall The long and interesting history of backgammon covers stretches back to the beginning of written records, perhaps as many as 5,000 years ago. Researchers are sure that the backgammon game first appeared in the area today occupied back Iraq or Iran. The […]

We came across a little story today showing how our favourite game can be used as part of a different game entirely! Here’s a taster;  We used to have lunch together and play backgammon in the nearby park. No really! It was fun – and we had a blast together…. Read more here  

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