why would i have been banned for two days from playing backgammon?

why would i have been banned for two days from playing backgammon?

Have been excluded from the game of table real, for no apparent reason and all the games that I played have been canceled. Rarely announce when the game, so I couldn ‘t made anyone mad. I hope.

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There could be various reasons why you were banned from playing backgammon. It is possible that you violated the website or platform’s terms of service or code of conduct. This could include cheating, using inappropriate language or behavior, harassing other players, or engaging in other forms of misconduct.

It is also possible that there was a mistake or error in the system, and you were unintentionally banned. In this case, you should contact the website or platform’s customer support team to ask about the reason for your ban and to request that it be lifted if it was a mistake.

In general, it is important to always follow the rules and guidelines of any online game or platform, as violations can result in temporary or permanent bans. It is also important to treat other players with respect and to avoid engaging in any behavior that could be considered harassing or harmful. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that you have an enjoyable and positive experience while playing backgammon online.

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  1. people who run booters/scrollers cannot bann you or boot you anymore, the ping flood does not work ……..Yahoo’s new technology has caught up with these people, if one is loaded now it is an automatic deactivation.
    but…….. the way you behave with your type can be considered to be one of these people running a programme so read on and learn what NOT to do

    Yahoo banned you, and Yahoo will not tell you why you are banned. NOBODY else can bann you. Some attention deficient morons will try and take the credit …. You actually do not have to do anything wrong to be banned. These are Yahoo’s new rules, and it is not going to change.
    Read on to avoid it happening again……….
    .You click too fast/too much and jump around too much…. Yahoo’s new technology, has a glitch … banning IDs
    … this doesn’t mean you violated TOS. Many are getting chat bans for no reason. If you got booted / disconnected then banned… then tell yahoo … Perhaps if enough people tell Yahoo and they get enough complaints….they will do something about it. ( keep in mind yahoo work on a VERY delayed response) tell yahoo here, click the link then click the freecreed link >
    if you have done any of the below expect to be banned
    Yahoo has changed the “goalposts” to try and stop the sex bots / scrollers / booters / abusers / cheats…If you scroll ..type too fast…or..send multiple invites…jump lounges or tables ..click kibitz multiple times…use multiple nics..or basically click around too much….you will be BANNED….Yahoo thinks you are up2 mischief doing these things, you WILL be banned….
    If you run a booter ..spamm….. violate the law … cuss or abuse chatters among other things … and Yahoo receives and abuse report … and RECEIVES A COPY OF THE PAST CHAT SESSION (SCREEN SHOT) , Yahoo has the USA courts legal permission to deactivated or ban accounts.
    minor banns can last for 8 hours………others years..most times it is only the ID that is banned…….. for major violations it is an IP bann, and deactivation of all accounts.
    Use another ID or make a new ID till your bann has finished

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