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Have setting requirements changed for online backgammon?

Pop-up are blocked even though I have not changed settings. I can not access game rooms for backgammon. Same with Text Twist.

Question asked by: Stephanie G

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One Response to “Setting for online backgammon”

  1. jack's Q&* Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    When you try getting in lounge or room and it doesn’t on pop up blocker. always allow tab it will say recent pop ups blocked.high light then click allow.1st thing you do when you get in lounge is check small windows in options box.once in room make sure you expand it to see chat area..this also gets rid of the ads. you may also need to do this.
    Yahoo just did updates to the sites! Your old game demo is now stale and will not open games.
    Doing this should get you back in. This works with XP and may work for older windows. Click on my PC ,disk drive C, open windows folder,next open Downloaded programs file. click on game you want to play to high lite it.delete it.Now go back to game,it will prompt you to download a demo,do so and page will open! If you don’t have XP or can not find the game file, Click on start,search,type in downloaded program files,open it then do the above.

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