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Battle of the colours “YELLOW versus RED” by GroupFounder MusicSlideShow: MusicSlideShow: playing backgammon in the street in front of their house, Nafplion, Greece If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!

Please explain doubling in online backgammon? I got yelled at because I didn’t keep doubling. I was even in the newbie room. I’m new to all of this and these people wern’t very patient. Question asked by: rlslefty This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

My question is about online backgammon? I was looking for an online backgammon game with true money, I found , it’s working by downloading a software then to play using the software, how can I be sure that there is no cheat in the software, how can I know that the other person who […]

I want to play backgammon and the board does not show up? i go to yahoo games and try to play backgammon but when my board is suppose to show up it does not and I opened up pop ups as suggested yet it is still not there. Question posted by: makel This post powered […]

Where Can I play Backgammon Online with Fair Dice? Pogo and Yahoo both employ rigged dice to make the games exciting to get people to keep playing I hate this any ideas? Question posted by: Sheed This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

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