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Battle of the colours “YELLOW versus RED” by GroupFounder MusicSlideShow: MusicSlideShow: playing backgammon in the street in front of their house, Nafplion, Greece

Please explain doubling in online backgammon? I got yelled at because I didn’t keep doubling. I was even in the newbie room. I’m new to all of this and these people wern’t very patient. Question asked by: rlslefty This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

My question is about online backgammon? I was looking for an online backgammon game with true money, I found , it’s working by downloading a software then to play using the software, how can I be sure that there is no cheat in the software, how can I know that the other person who […]

I want to play backgammon and the board does not show up? i go to yahoo games and try to play backgammon but when my board is suppose to show up it does not and I opened up pop ups as suggested yet it is still not there. Question posted by: makel This post powered […]

Where Can I play Backgammon Online with Fair Dice? Pogo and Yahoo both employ rigged dice to make the games exciting to get people to keep playing I hate this any ideas? Question posted by: Sheed This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

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