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in playing backgammon to 128 pts. Is it a written rule that you must double your opponent EVERY roll? I feel that it is strategic to get to 64 and hold off on cubing if it looks like you have no chance of winning. I have been told by yahoo backgammon players however, that I […]

What is a good game room to learn Backgammon in? I tried pogo, wanting to play against the computer to win, but that game does not allow it like the other games do on that site. Any sites where I can play against the computer? Question posted by: vivib This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

Where can i play Backgammon online for free? I don’t want to download anything and i am looking for a group place so i can play with my friends. Thanks Question posted by: CherrySunshine This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

How to Play Backgammon : Dice Irregularities for the Game of Backgammon Learn about dice irregularities in backgammon thisfree how-to video clip lesson on how to play backgammon, the board game. Expert: Grady Johnson bio: Grady Johnson is principal painter with over twenty five years experience of painting. He has worked in industrial construction, new, […]

What is a point match game in backgammon and when playing how can you tell how many points have been achieved? Sandra asked:I got locked into a game that would not end. After an hour, game after game, the points never changed, once one game completed the next one began. What happened and how can […]

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