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How to play backgammon (the basics)

How to Play Backgammon : Dice Irregularities for the Game of Backgammon

Learn about dice irregularities in backgammon thisfree how-to video clip lesson on how to play backgammon, the board game. Expert: Grady Johnson bio: Grady Johnson is principal painter with over twenty five years experience of painting. He has worked in industrial construction, new, and remodel areas of the painting. Filmmaker: Grady Johnson

Play Online Backgammon for Money.

Looking for Online Backgammon Game? Backgame is the place to learn and play Backgammon for Money -The most popular skill game in the world – … Play Backgammon Online for Money money backgammon backgame game

Video posted by: gabemirkin

The Real Hustle (UK) – The Backgammon Hustle

Paul and Alex try their luck at backgammon with controlled dice shots and t? Techniques of the time. From: The real rush of the BBC – Series 3, Episode 4

Video posted by: ScamOnTv

World Backgammon, final 2005 DMP

Dennis Carlston, a legendary gambler with a background in high stakes backgammon and poker going back to the 60s and 70s faces “cable guy”, salesman, John O’Hagan. It’s DMP, the tension is disgusting. 8mm Pictures, London based TV company developed and produced backgammon for TV broadcasting 4 x 60′ shows on Sky Channel, Pokerzone, CGTV in Canada and apparently on some an Israeli channel. This is the World Final from Monte Carlo, winner takes $100000, it’ss 24 – 24 (Double Match Point). An …

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