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World Backgammon, final 2005 DMP

Dennis Carlston, a legendary gambler with a background in high stakes backgammon and poker going back to the 60s and 70s faces “cable guy”, salesman, John O’Hagan. It’s DMP, the tension is disgusting. 8mm Pictures, London based TV company developed and produced backgammon for TV broadcasting 4 x 60′ shows on Sky Channel, Pokerzone, CGTV in Canada and apparently on some an Israeli channel. This is the World Final from Monte Carlo, winner takes $100000, it’ss 24 – 24 (Double Match Point). An …

Video posted by: Inesbell

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15 Responses to “World Backgammon, final 2005 DMP”

  1. eteokles3 Says:

    Create a video blog

    what a crappy camera!

  2. adamu328 Says:

    I play backgammon for fun and while luck is involved, to play well you need to manage risk.

    What an awesome quote: “So, you are the world backgammon champion, you have won a substantial amount of money – what do you intend to do with it?”

    “save it”.

  3. tatomuck18 Says:

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    the game IS luck. There is a dice involed. Any game where the roll of a dice is involed, the game is a game of chance or luck

  4. vandijkbas Says:


    If you think this game is luck, download GNUbackgammon (free) and try to win a match… Unless you are a very good player you will loose almost every game.

  5. Naruto00122 Says:

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  6. SedativEmcee Says:

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    You must know how to play and how too see the game tactics , but also you got to have a bunch of luck so the dice can roll in your favor .

  7. tatomuck18 Says:

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    I been playing backgammon for years and know the best for every situation and so do these people playing here. If I played I would have a 50 percent chance of winning. SAME THING WITH THIS TOURNAMENT. Its got a lot of luck involved.

  8. jjneto409 Says:

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    I don’t know how to play backgammon =/

  9. flamingaxe791 Says:


    blackgammon sucks balls

  10. MatCapper Says:

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    Not luck, the best player always wins.

  11. PeterOzanne Says:


    If you’re not just ignorant, immature, and insecure, join GamesGrid backgammon (online)as a paid member – only $25 for 3 months – and put your money where your mouth is! I’d be happy to play you – I’ll try almost anything once – I’ve only won a few small tournaments, so you shouldn’t have much trouble! 🙂

  12. davidklausa Says:

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    Sure, luck is involved. And maybe you could beat them in a single game. That’s why they play a 25 point match. Skill tends to win out over the long run. Try to learn something about the game before making ignorant comments.

  13. antiunguri Says:


    well they think too much..a good player knows all the move..its an automatism…im not sayng bullshit but i can beat this guys easy..

  14. rickyelgrande Says:



  15. doviejames Says:

    wow! these guys are so good at rolling fucking dice. i wish i could do that. this looks challenging like chess but even tougher. a thinking mans game.

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