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underwater backgammon world championship

the classic board game played in the mediterranean sea with divegear.

Video posted by: henkeswede

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Comments & Feedback on "underwater backgammon world championship"

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10 Responses to “underwater backgammon world championship”

  1. pokernuts Says:

    Well that is tempting! Mallorca in Summer, playing backgammon, a few beers amongst good people, hopefully a pretty girl or two, what could be better? I’m off to Las Vegas for backgammon this week, arguably not as interesting as the show you guys put on.

  2. mirasol32 Says:

    great video!!! I love it…. and awesome music

  3. henkeswede Says:

    wanna try it next year?

  4. pokernuts Says:

    Brilliant stuff guys, looked like you had a lot of fun! I had a lot of fun watching. And for anyone interested, the music is Gomez – Machismo and The Verve – Lucky Man. Great choices!

  5. PanicATD899 Says:

    this video is SO funny.
    and that jellyfish that passes by…PERFECT timing…haha

  6. Toonyindahouse Says:

    This is so awesome.
    typical J.
    Gotta love ya J!


    P.S awesome music. c:

  7. dpetrou Says:

    that’s my cousin in that video!

  8. goatgirl8 Says:

    This is great! Who thought of this! And the tunes! I love them! Start pressing your underwater tuxedos for the Academy Awards …

  9. stephaniepb42 Says:

    You’re a Rockstar, Flash!! can’t beat this-

  10. Lou Says:

    Is this ever going to happen again? Id love to he a part of it.


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