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Is there a problem with the yahoo backgammon program?

In the past month when i get online to play yahoo backgammon there seems to be a bad problem with the game lagging… at first i thought it was my computer… but tonight i watched others playing and they were having the same problem.

Question asked by: wiley

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2 Responses to “Problem with yahoo backgammon”

  1. Imaka Says:

    There seems to be quite a few problems with Yahoo games lately, since they upgraded a couple of months ago, so I would guess that the problem is with Yahoo and not with your computer. People have had trouble with chess, literati, backgammon, dominoes, and others.

  2. clamsystem Says:

    I have been playing yahoo games for ages and I am wondering how can I be booted during the game? vacoastie2002 booted me when I won and I could not get any points.

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