Please explain doubling in online backgammon?

Please explain doubling in online backgammon?

I got yelled at because I didn’t keep doubling. I was even in the newbie room. I’m new to all of this and these people wern’t very patient.

Question asked by: rlslefty


Doubling in backgammon is a way for players to increase the stakes and make the game more exciting. It is a common feature in both online and offline backgammon games. The basic idea of doubling is that one player offers to double the value of the game, and the other player can either accept the double and continue playing at the higher stake or decline the double and forfeit the game.

In online backgammon, the doubling cube is typically located in the center of the board and can be clicked to double the stakes. The doubling process can occur at any point during the game, but usually happens when one player feels that they have an advantage over the other. When a player offers a double, the other player has a choice to either accept or decline the double. If the player declines the double, they forfeit the game at the current stake.

It is important to note that doubling can only occur before any pieces have been taken off the board. Once a player has started to take pieces off the board, the game is considered over and no further doubling is allowed.

It is also worth noting that doubling can only occur once per turn, and only the player who is currently up to move can double. If a player declines a double, the game continues at the current stake until the end of the game.

In the case of the player who did not keep doubling and was yelled at in the newbie room, it is important to remember that not everyone is patient or helpful. However, as a new player, it is important to take the time to learn the rules and strategy of backgammon before playing with more experienced players. Many online backgammon platforms offer beginner rooms where new players can learn the game without the pressure of more experienced opponents. It is also recommended to read up on the rules and watch tutorial videos to gain a better understanding of how to play backgammon and use the doubling cube effectively.