Iranian Backgammon Players

Where Did the Iranian Backgammon Players Go?

It used to be rare to go a session on Yahoo’s backgammon without playing a few Iranians, and/or various other Middle Eastern countries.

I can’t find any now. Why is this?
Ha Ha! Trying to get even by being a meanie I see.

No, I think the Iranians can’t access the servers that would allow them to play.

They are not there anymore. I play a lot, and enjoyed playing against the Iranians.

I’ll give you the best answer because you’re the only one who bothered with an answer.

You did cheat on that “snagglepuss” question. You know you did.

I would have as well, but am to new to this to think about such things. Thanks for the tip.

Question asked by: Mookie

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