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Does any one here play Internet Backgammon?

Pustic asked:
If so, what level do you play at.

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Comments & Feedback on "Internet Backgammon"

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5 Responses to “Internet Backgammon”

  1. Says:

    Website content


  2. Matthew K Says:

    Website content

    no i don’t

  3. Nadia Says:

    u should already have it on ur computer…becuz all computers have it…. and u click it and it takes u to a website on the internet…… it might be in the button that says ‘start’ and then click ‘all programs’ and it should have it…. and wth do u wanna play that game… especially on the computer… go play with a freind u loner… when i used to play that game i was at the highest level there is and if i remember it was red………..

  4. Mickey Nation Says:

    Website content

    I play at the advanced level on the Yahoo! Network.

    It’s a really good rating system that uses points and betting strategy in match games. I’m not endorsing the site, it’s just what I prefer. You can use their ladder system to establish your rank amongst other players around the world and there’s tournaments too.

    The best part is you can chat with your opponent who could be anywhere in the world. Yesterday I played against a gentleman from Berlin. The day before, a woman from Venezuela.

    I don’t think I’ll tell you what my rank is, but just hope that you don’t get paired with me in a game someday.

    Lots of good fun.

  5. bluebrancall Says:

    hi pustic this is blue, sorry i don,t

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