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If you’re looking for free backgammon games, you’ve got a number of options. This article gives a quick overview of them to help you decide which is best for you.

Whilst there are many who want to play the cash matches and tournament backgammon games where you can win big prizes, lots of players are looking for free backgammon games.  If that’s you, there are a number of options out there for you: 

Free Multi-Player Backgammon at Pay-to-Play Sites

All the cash sites we’ve some across will let you play practice games for free. So you can download and try their games for free before deciding whether to start playing cash games and maybe win some prizes. You’ll be playing against other free-players just for fun and to hone your skills.  This is a great way to learn the game and of course you get chat and other social features. The pay-to-play sites also have the best, most up-to-date gaming software so you’ll find some amazing graphics and user features.

Bonus games and free credits on pay-to-play sites

Many of the pay-to-play sites will give you free credits, bonuses and promos to encourage you to play at their site.  Sometimes you’ll get free credits when you first join the site, just for registering. And sometimes you’ll be offered free bonus credits when you deposit a certain amount eg “20% on to of your deposit”. You can use your credits to play Backgammon as normal, though if you win you can’t usually withdraw your winnings until you have made a certain amount of real deposits and played a certain amount of games. Bonus offers are generally short term promotions so you need to look out for them.

Free Multi-Player Backgammon sites

There are multi-player Backgammon sites where the games are always free.  You can often win prizes at these but they’ll be smaller than on the pay sites, and tend to be merchandise and entries to sweepstakes rather than the bigger cash jackpots offered by the pay sites. Such sites are funded by their advertising revenue so you may have to put up with lots of pop-ups and banners while you play. But they’re still fun to play at and you’ll get the social features of multi-player gaming.

Free Backgammon Solitaire

Many of the general gaming and ‘skill game’ sites include single-player Backgammon where you are effectively playing against the software.  You’ll usually need to download the game software though some can be played online without a download. The software is free unless you want to play their upgraded version, which will have additional features like extra versions of the game, enhanced user options, better graphics etc.

Free Backgammon games for your PC

As a further option, you could simply download some free Backgammon software from one of the many ‘shareware’ sites and play individually on your PC against the software.

So now you know what your options are. It’s up to choose you which type suits your preferences.  The next step of course is to choose between the sites that fall into each category…but that’s another topic! 


article by Mai Shen copyright

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