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Final minutes of 2007 Backgammon World Championship

Probably the most amazing piece of backgammon video ever seen – here are the final minutes of the final match of the 2007 World Backgammon Championship in Monte Carlo, played between Alvaro Savio of Brazil and Jorge Pan of Argentina. Why so special? Firstly, keep in mind that the two players and a referee are in a sealed room playing the final. GammonLife’s Marjorie Serrano Blanco filmed what you will see off the big screen in another room where one or two hundred other players are watching …

Video posted by: GammonLifecom

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12 Responses to “Final minutes of 2007 Backgammon World Championship”

  1. tatomuck18 Says:

    wow!!. World champion backgammon??? WHAT A JOKE!

  2. Newberer Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    Haha, fucking idiot.

  3. CD123ert Says:

    Website content

    man i thought this was gonna be more exciting…learn how to play chess or something

  4. Zwaine Says:

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    dude, how can the ref miss that? that first “6-3” move ay caramba! world championship my ass..

  5. ngupowered Says:

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    Then u are hardly a top player. I win an average of 0.2 point per game over 4500 games online. In matches I win more like 0.3 ppg, just because matches are harder to play.
    To beat a rake of approx. 5 % u need to win about 53 % single wins.

  6. yeldarb11 Says:

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    It is impossible to win money playing on line. All the sites themselves tag the good players. Once you are tagged they fix your dice so that you lose. I am one of the top players in the world.

  7. den84ca Says:

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  8. davidklausa Says:

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    Clearly it is a foul, but it is the opponent’s responsibility to call the director to overturn it. As you see in “about this video,” he didn’t catch it either. Judging by the low quality of this video, i take it the 07 Championships weren’t televised?

  9. fchpt755 Says:


    the first 6-3 move is foul,isn’n it?

  10. pokernuts Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    this shit shouldn’t happen at the World Champs.

  11. Gabesaurus Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    Justice was served!

  12. jtambourine Says:



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