Do any one knows where can i play backgammon online free?

Do any one knows where can i play backgammon online free?

Please tell if anyone of you knows where pu? the actual table function in the game for the free. Or even load programs being a game of table real free lan game. I did & I went to the; even register, but when I tried to play the real window of the table? just too long to load, I don ‘t know maybe it’ s our speed? the I-network or what. Transferable software for LAN game?

Posted by: A.Ryan

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  1. i think on the free membership at you can play backgammon. I joined their pay membership, only like $35 a year, but I’m pretty sure backgammon is on the list of free games. you simply have to sign up, and you can play quite a few games.

  2. You can play on-line for free by going to

    You can also find great backgammon games for your PC or Mac.

  3. The best (and one of the most popular) site to play online backgammon has to be

    It’s a turn based site that is absolutely free to use. Create a membership then play as many games as you like.

  4. is ok, you can pay70.$ ayear for commercial free games and you get extra perks like emoutions or happy faces you can send to other players.. not worth the money.

  5. Honey, I don’t know where to get a free backgammon playing online. most of them offer cheap registartion.
    However this game reminds me of playing with my husband.

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