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I really love playing backgammon online.I’m thinking of playing for real money.Is it safe,proftable or a scam?

Does anyone have any experience in playing online backgammon for money? What are some suggestions or tips on how to best win money instead of losing. I’m a good backgammon player, but maybe online players are so good that it makes it hard to win on a consistent basis.

Question posted by: slimding

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7 Responses to “Backgammon for real money”

  1. Cajak Says:

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    Don’t do it. You will become his slave.

  2. daniel.foster Says:

    backgammon online

    I predict that once you start playing for money, you’ll be in an entirely new league of players. Don’t play for anything you can’t stand to lose!

  3. Mandryx Says:

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    Make sure you become well versed using the doubling cube. When you play for money the game and the stakes changes because of it. A $10 bet can got to $640 quick on a good game.

  4. medl_98 Says:

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    I’ve dabbled in online backgammon myself. I started at Play 65 with their free, no deposit bonus:

    I’ve made a small (100) deposit and am playing my way through that now. It all seems on the up and up.

    Best of luck!

  5. The Professor Says:

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    I play at True Money Games. The competition for money is pretty fierce, and the FREE games at high stakes ( play money) are often pretty good. This site is on the up and up. Many professional players frequent this site. They offer individual matches, chouettes and tournaments for money and fun. You do need to download the program, but the interface is outstanding and the action is fast. Highly recommended.

  6. Vicky L Says:

    Create a video blog

    Look, you cant lose if your getting money for free- and betting on your favorite teams. Check out the link. It takes a couple seconds to sign up. Have fun!

    is it free. yes
    do i have to pay. No, its free
    Why do i want to signup. Its addicting + you win real money
    just give me the url.

  7. mikeyeggs Says:

    backgammon online

    I guess anything could be a scam if people are smart enough to break into the system but overall, I am sure that the majority of backgammon players are legit. When you are playing against one person, there is no way collusion could exist like it may in online poker. I go to to play and you can deposit through paypal. Also, every couple of weeks, they put free money in my account.

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