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Guide how to play backgammon

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Help I need like idiots guide directions for how to play backgammon?

I’m not very good at understandingg rules that come with games, so please anyone able to give me like the idiots guide version of Backgammon rules. Thank you!

Question posted by: Ashley

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Play Backgammon Online

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Play Backgammon Online – an article by Benjamin Lares

Do you enjoy a game of backgammon? This skill game is becoming more and more popular and now you can play backgammon online.

Played worldwide by all sorts of people, online backgammon is taking off. Play from home or work and discover the joys of this exciting game. Backgammon dates back to the time of the Romans and, with just a few minor variations, is played pretty much the same way today.

For beginners, backgammon is fun and easy to learn. The goal is to move your checkers round the board into your home, keeping them safe all the while from your opponent. The game is played with two dice, and a third dice – the doubling or gambling cube – can be added to make things more interesting.

Backgammon is played on a board with 24 black and white triangles, and each player moves his checkers in opposite directions. Any singles checkers can be ‘hit’ by the other side, so it’s important to keep them together – if you get caught, you end up in jail, and have to roll the dice to get out.

online backgammon is so convenient, and best of all it’s free! You can start playing right away, whenever you feel like it. Most sites give you the option of either playing online or downloading software to play at your leisure. Once you’ve got some practice playing backgammon online, you can start playing for money and even enter backgammon tournaments.

If you’re interested in playing backgammon for money, it’s a good idea to read up on some tips before you start. You’ll find many articles online about how to win at backgammon, which moves to make with certain dice rolls and how to avoid getting caught. New players can also find explanations of the rules and glossaries to decipher backgammon jargon.

And for serious players, you can download software that monitors your backgammon game, and tells you where you went wrong – a great way of improving your skills. Playing backgammon online is a fun way to meet people from all round the world. You’re never short of someone to challenge to a game, and you can also discuss strategies, and chat while you play on many sites.

Backgammon is essentially a game of skill, so if you put in some practice playing online, you may well see rewards. As opposed to most casino games, where the house always wins, anyone can learn to be a good backgammon player and – if you’re good enough -win serious money. Backgammon may be a game, but there are serious amounts of money involved in online tournaments.

The Author:

Benjamin Lares is a freelance content writer, specialising in gambling-related matters. He has published many articles on online games and casinos such as play backgammon, online backgammon and is partial to the odd game of backgammon

Backgammon for real money

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

I really love playing backgammon online.I’m thinking of playing for real money.Is it safe,proftable or a scam?

Does anyone have any experience in playing online backgammon for money? What are some suggestions or tips on how to best win money instead of losing. I’m a good backgammon player, but maybe online players are so good that it makes it hard to win on a consistent basis.

Question posted by: slimding

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Opening Dice Roll in Backgammon

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Backgammon Rules and Instructions : Opening Dice Roll in Backgammon

First roll strategies in backgammon. Learn how to play backgammon in this free video clip, including the opening roll to begin the game. Expert: Malcolm Davis Bio: Malcolm Davis has been a professional backgammon player for more than 30 years. Filmmaker: Kenny Saylors

Video posted by: expertvillage

Online Backgammon Ranks

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Online Backgammon Ranks Among the Most Popular Internet Gamesby Gene Marshall

The chances of an ancient board game becoming one of the all time favorite hi-tech Internet games should in theory have been very remote, yet online backgammon has managed to become one of the most popular of Internet games. How could this have happened? To understand the success of internet backgammon we need to appreciate the nature of the game and the interests of today’s game players who have become such devoted backgammon online patrons.

The backgammon game is a game of skill and strategy, yet at the same time it is very easy to learn, as the many children who take up backgammon clearly indicate. The key objective of the contest, to be the first player in a position to “bear off” (or remove) from the board all their checkers is one that is instantly understood. The backgammon rules are easily learned, with even the youngest players quickly understanding how to move their checkers in response to the dice throws. The basics of backgammon strategy such as hitting the opponent’s blots (single checkers) and how to build primes (blockade opposing pieces) are also quickly mastered. When taken together with the high profile backgammon has enjoyed for so many years, we can see how it made an ideal candidate for translation into an online game.

The fun of playing this familiar game with fellow backgammon enthusiasts from around the world is without doubt one of the key factors behind the success of online backgammon, but there are many others. The convenience element is another major advantage. People value a game that they can play from the comfort of their own home or office, and that they can access at a time that fits in with their schedule. The free backgammon download brings a high-resolution 3-D backgammon game straight to your personal computer with no need to go out and buy the software. Even if you do not know how to play backgammon, the wealth of information available on these online sites, and great opportunities for free practice games against backgammon computers, soon put you in the picture.

The attractions of the winning you can make through backgammon gambling are without doubt another major factor in encouraging people to play backgammon online. Interest is aroused by the large number of backgammon tournaments the online sites host. These contests are often divided into different divisions with players allocated according to their skill and experience. The elimination system is common with players eliminated in each round until the remaining two struggle it out between them to win the championship and a substantial cash prize. Even the players eliminated have contests arranged for them and these can also yield significant prize money. The excitement as a tournament draws to a close, and the temptation of the high winnings, contribute a great deal to the game’s following. It is not hard to see how to play backgammon via the Internet has become such a favorite with people of all nationalities and age groups.

About the Author:

Internet backgammon professional Gene Marshall writes for several top backgammon web sites. The author contributes articles about online backgammon and recommended backgammon playing strategies. More works by Gene Marshall related to backgammon can be obtained on the net.

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