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Do any one knows where can i play backgammon online free?

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Do any one knows where can i play backgammon online free?

Please tell if anyone of you knows where pu? the actual table function in the game for the free. Or even load programs being a game of table real free lan game. I did & I went to the; even register, but when I tried to play the real window of the table? just too long to load, I don 't know maybe it' s our speed? the I-network or what. Transferable software for LAN game?

Posted by: A.Ryan

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Internet Backgammon for Everyone

Friday, March 27th, 2009

The Pleasures of Internet Backgammonby Gene Marshall

The backgammon game has been a favorite pastime for most of recorded human history. The fifteen checkers allotted to each player, and the backgammon board with its alternately colored triangular shaped divisions, are well known all around the world. The rules of the game are quite easy to learn. The basic objective is to become the first player to get all their checkers into the area of the board designated as “Home” and from here they “Bear off”, or remove the checkers from the board. Today there is hardly a toyshop worthy of the name without its backgammon set on sale, and the backgammon board game is a popular present for the birthday boy or girl. Generations of children have learned how to play the game and have continued to play the game into their older years.

The ancient antecedents of backgammon might have led to it being rejected by today’s younger generation of players but the opposite has been the case. The development of the Internet has provided a major boost in popularity to the game. Internet backgammon has developed over the past fifteen years in a well-patronized source of home entertainment. The refinement of computer technology allows the online backgammon sites to present a backgammon setup with a realistic 3-D appearance, and to play backgammon online offers players the same excitement as the traditional game on the backgammon board.

Among the attractions of the online backgammon sites for new players are the provision of clear backgammon instructions and the chance to play free demo games to develop playing skills. Internet backgammon is a particularly valuable additional to the range of available leisure activities for people living in remote locations, and those whose are housebound due to ill health or advanced years. Until the introduction of online backgammon, there possibilities for participating in backgammon matches were severely limited at best. The introduction of online backgammon provides a rich range of new playing opportunities. Backgammon players can find games online whenever it suits them and at the level of play they are looking for.

Internet backgammon sites bring together players from a wide variety of countries and different playing abilities. In addition, Internet backgammon lets players take on a sophisticated backgammon computer that can also be adjusted to give them a beginning or an advanced game, and various playing levels in between.

As players perfect their skills, they often are attracted by the challenges of backgammon gambling. The opportunities for competitive gaming and the generous prizes provided on backgammon gaming sites serve as strong incentives for players to keep coming back to these sites. Certainly with sufficient practice and the development of a sound backgammon strategy, substantial prizes are available for the taking, though there will always remain those players who prefer to play for the fun only and they are also well looked after by a variety of suitable online backgammon sites. We recommend you read up on how to play and where the best sites are to play on the net before you start.

About the Author:

More information and articles by Gene Marshall on the issue of backgammon can be obtained online. The author focuses on editorials about backgammon set up and backgammon rules. Gene Marshall is a popular backgammon professional that writes for several renowned backgammon websites.

Backgammon Set

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

The Story of the Backgammon Set – an article by Gene Marshall

The story of the backgammon set begins in the Near East thousands of years ago. According to recent research the backgammon game was first played in the areas now occupied by modern day Iraq and Iran. The basic elements of the backgammon board game were constructed of the materials widely used in the ancient world to create a variety of vessels. For example, at the most simple level the backgammon board may have been first scratched in the earth or on a flat piece of wood. Stones would have been used for checkers and the dice may have been carved out of bone. Although the materials used to construct the ancient backgammon set are no longer in use, the division of the backgammon board into twenty-four triangular-shaped sections (or points as they are officially called in the backgammon game) and the allocation of fifteen checkers to each player appear to have been features of the backgammon set from the beginning. Similarly, the backgammon rules that are followed today can claim the same ancient antecedence.

As people soon discovered that how to play backgammon was easy to learn and the game was fun to play the backgammon set became a common sight in homes or meeting places where gaming took place. In the course of time, wood became the dominant material in the construction of backgammon boards and checkers, though porcelain and a variety of other materials were also employed. At the upper end of the market, the wealthiest members of society that liked to play backgammon, had backgammon sets made of materials that reflected their social standing. Highly decorative boards could be produced and precious metals used to make the checkers and dice. .

Up until the end of the nineteenth century backgammon sets were produced for personal usage by whoever wanted to play backgammon, or a set may have been ordered from a local craftsman. With the introduction of modern mass production, backgammon sets made their appearance on the shop shelves. Today these cheap sets are within the pocket money range of most children in the western world.

The growth of online backgammon has also recently provided a new alternative to the traditional backgammon set. Stimulated by the popularity of backgammon gambling, the amazing development of backgammon software has made available highly realistic looking Internet backgammon sets that look so real you almost feel as if you can reach out into the screen and throw the dice or move a checker. However, the growing following of the online game does not seem to have dented the market for the traditional backgammon boards, checkers and dice but rather it has provided new ways of buying these. There is no longer any need to go to the nearest toy store. A search on the Internet produces many attractive backgammon sets for sale online at prices to suit all pockets.

In short, if you’ve ever thought about playing backgammon for fun or competitively playing on the internet can be a great way to start and practice and even to get involved in competitive play.

The Author:

Gene Marshall, proficient online backgammon buff, works for several renowned internet backgammon publications. He contributes articles about backgammon and free backgammon. Extra readings and writings written by Gene Marshall related to backgammon can be accessed on the internet.

How do I change my Firefox settings to play games such as Yahoo backgammon?

Friday, March 6th, 2009

How do I change my Firefox settings to play games such as Yahoo backgammon?

Since you added the new game servers, Mozilla Firefox only allows me in about 1 in 10 times. I usually get the ‘you’ve performed an illegal operation’ and it knocks me off.
What settings do I change to allow me to play backgammon again?

Question posted by: traltice

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What does it mean to double in backgammon?

Friday, March 6th, 2009

What does it mean to double in backgammon?

Knowing that one who dies with numbers and 64 on it.

Posted by: Sgt. Pepper the Cubs fan

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