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Who trusts a game of backgammon against a computer?

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Who trusts a game of backgammon against a computer?

The computer always seems to get what roll of the dice needs. Especially the crucial moments in the game.

Posted by: Frankie Murman

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Backgammon Basic

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

How to Play Backgammon is Easily Learned – an article by Gene Marshall

The backgammon game has been around for thousands of years. Its origins are lost in the mists of time, but it seems that backgammon was played by the ancient Persians and spread through the Roman Empire and from here throughout the world. The fact the how to play backgammon is easily learned has led to the backgammon board game becoming a feature of many private homes, as well as cafes, clubs and places of entertainment. In the course of the thousands of years that the game has been played, a number of variations have developed, for the most part associated with specific regions, for example, Turkish backgammon.

Although a player who is used to playing the backgammon known in the western world may need a little time to familiarize themselves with the game played in a particular locality, there is much in common between the backgammon variations. Although there are differences in the backgammon setup and in backgammon strategy found between particular backgammon varieties, it should not take long for a player who has learned how to play one version of the game to learn how to play another version.

Leaving aside the varied ways in which backgammon is played in different areas of the world, the standard backgammon rules that are followed in international competitions are still what most people consider as providing the backgammon instructions they wish to follow in their games. Also, although online backgammon has become very popular over recent years, it is these international rules that govern the conduct of the majority of today’s backgammon software supports. Therefore, unless you are specifically searching for a regional variety of backgammon, your backgammon game download will give you a game conducted according to these internationally accepted rules.

How to play online backgammon and how to play backgammon on the traditional board both require an understanding of the objective of the game, the setup of the backgammon board, and the rules governing the moving of players. This information is easily acquired by observing experienced players, by playing demonstration Internet backgammon games and by reading the extensive backgammon rules available on online backgammon sites.

The aim of the game is for each player to move all their checkers to the area of the board designated as their home quadrant. From here, they are able to remove checkers from the board and the first one to succeed to remove all their checkers is the winner. The familiar backgammon setup involves each player being allotted fifteen checkers, with one player traditionally using white checkers while their opponent uses black checkers. The movement of checkers is controlled by the throw of a dice and this provides the random element that significantly contributes to the game’s excitement. However, in addition to the dice throw, the devising of a sound backgammon strategy also forms an essential element in a winning player’s performance and this develops as players gain experience. The best way to develop playing strategy is through practice using free backgammon software on the net.

The Author:

More information and articles by Gene Marshall on the issue of backgammon can be obtained online. The author focuses on editorials about backgammon set up and backgammon rules. Gene Marshall is a popular backgammon professional that writes for several renowned backgammon websites.

What is Backgammon

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Backgammon – One of the Most Ancient Games Steps Into the Future – an article by Gene Marshall

Ask most people about leisure activity in the Ancient World and they will probably mention the sport of hunting, Greek athletics, or the cruel contests staged between Roman gladiators and wild animals. It will therefore come as a surprise to many that one of today’s most popular games – backgammon – actually has a history going back some five thousand years. Nobody knows for such who was the first person to invent the backgammon game but scholars believe it was devised or developed in the area today occupied by Iran and Iraq.

Since written descriptions of how to play backgammon had not yet been discovered, it is hard to know for sure that the backgammon rules of ancient Persia were similar to the ones we are familiar with today. The fact that the design of the backgammon board with the twenty four narrow divisions known as points, and the fifteen round counters, and the dice whose throws determine the counter movements, were all part of the ancient game, does suggest it had a great deal in common with the contemporary version.

Backgammon was popularized further by the Romans and became a favorite game of the Emperor Claudius, and the fate of the opponent foolish enough to let Claudius lose can only be imagined. The Roman version of backgammon, known as tabula (from the Latin for table) was played exclusively for money, what we would today term backgammon gambling. The thought of going to play backgammon for the fun alone does not seem to have been part of that cultural milieu.

The spread of the backgammon game around the world continued after the collapse of the Roman Empire, however it was not until the 1740’s that the backgammon rules were first published. The introduction of commercially produced backgammon sets at a price that most people could easily afford, also played a role in making the game available to people all around the world.

The developments in the first five thousand years of backgammon gave no inkling of that at the end of the twentieth century, backgammon stood on the verge of a major revolution. The introduction of online backgammon has initiated a major explosion in interest in the game, and brought it to a whole new, predominantly young audience. The ability to download Internet backgammon as free backgammon has meant there is no longer any need to even buy a backgammon set but you can have a high quality 3-D backgammon game setup on your own computer. Although the long-lasting appeal of backgammon gambling has given a major push to the popularity of the backgammon online games, the chance to play against a sophisticated backgammon computer and play against players from all around the world, are also key attractions. In addition the online game allows players to play at a time that suits them, and from the comfort of their own home. All the information required to learn the rules of the game and understand backgammon strategy is now available online – players have never had it easier.

The Author:

Internet backgammon professional Gene Marshall writes for several top backgammon web sites. The author contributes articles about online backgammon and recommended backgammon playing strategies. More works by Gene Marshall related to backgammon can be obtained on the net.

Backgammon Online Tips and Odds

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Advantages of Playing Backgammon Onlineby Gene Marshall

The game of backgammon has been played for an estimated five thousand years. From its early beginnings in the area of the world today occupied by Iran and Iraq, with the help of the Romans the game spread around the world. In the course of all the centuries that have gone by since the collapse of the Roman Empire, backgammon has extended its reach far beyond the bounds of the ancient civilized world. It would be hard to explain the way one of the earliest recorded games has not only continued to be played but seems to be continually increasing in popularity. The obvious explanation for its success is the shared experience of all generations that to play backgammon is such a pleasure.

The joys of playing the backgammon game are many since the game requires strategy in a uniquely captivating manner. The simplicity of the backgammon rules contributes the enjoyment of the game since it does not take long for even young players to acquire the skills needed to play. This helps explain how the backgammon board and backgammon set of checkers, dice and dice shaker, are now found in homes throughout the world. To play backgammon has become a social activity enjoyed by millions of people of all ages. Once children get hooked on the game at home, as their skills improve they often continue to join backgammon clubs. Sometimes their interests in the game and success at playing lead them to take part in tournaments.

Internet gaming developers have not been slow to recognize the joys of backgammon and online backgammon has taken its place as one of their leading offerings. Internet backgammon has certainly been propelled into a high profile by backgammon gambling. Contrary to what some people might think the gambling element in backgammon was not an invention of Internet gaming but it has been an integral feature of the game from the beginning. The game of Tabula (as the Roman version of backgammon was called) was entirely centered on gambling. Gambling for many backgammon players contributes to the excitement of the game. When money is at stake a player feels more motivated to play well whether they are convinced that they are about to win a substantial amount from their fellow players, or perhaps they fear losing their own stake!

In any event, the flourishing of online backgammon has been a wonderful gift for backgammon addicts worldwide. Prior to the introduction of backgammon to the Internet, opportunities to play the game were limited to the hours clubs met, or when a friend was interested in a game. Now keen players can connect to a backgammon site and can be guaranteed they can always find a game at the skill level they are looking for. If anyone is planning on making a survey on the extent that backgammon players enjoy their game, they need only investigate the numbers of people logging onto such sites and the times they log on and stay online, to get a good idea of its popularity.

About the Author:

Gene Marshall writes articles about backgammon online and backgammon gaming. Supplementary resources and writings written by the writer on the issue of online backgammon are available on the internet. Internet backgammon pro Gene Marshall is commissioned by a number of recognized backgammon web sites.

Backgammon as Online Game

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

Internet Backgammon Available Around the Clock – an article by Gene Marshall

The backgammon board game has been a firm favorite of all ages for at least five thousand years — an unbeatable record. Even non-players immediately recognize the familiar backgammon set up with the board divided into twenty- four narrow triangular divisions almost invariably colored black and white, the circular black and white checkers and the dice cup and dice. Few other games have achieved such a high profile. However, backgammon’s popularity has had its ups and downs, for example, the developing of the doubling cube in America in the 1920’s boosted interest in backgammon, in particular the game played in casinos. By the 1980 backgammon was in the doldrums. Some people associated it with an outdated image and it didn’t seem in tune with a youth-culture that valued fast moving games with an abundance of noise and action. The appearance on the gaming scene of the Internet backgammon games came just in time to revive backgammon’s fortunes.

Internet or online backgammon offers a backgammon download that brings free backgammon onto your computer screen. All that the player requires is an Internet connection and they can log into one of sites offering free backgammon and download a virtual backgammon board, There is no need to spend time arranging the counters since the computer has already made the backgammon setup on your behalf. The attractive appearance of the downloaded backgammon set compares favorably with the latest game sets on sale in the stores. The speed of the game, and sound effects, and the chance of playing against a powerful backgammon computer appeal to a younger audience who were not drawn to the traditional backgammon game in the local café or backgammon club.

Among the many other attractive features of Internet backgammon is the way it allows players to have a game at a time that fits in with their work or leisure schedule and does not involve them having to even leave their home or office. Although some social commentators protest against a generation seeking instant delivery of products or services, the fact remains that the continual availability of backgammon games on the Internet is a major factor encouraging the growing patronization of these sites.

In addition to being able to play a game of backgammon at a convenient time and location, the online sites fulfill a role in providing backgammon instructions, and their backgammon computers allow games to be set at different skill levels which is very helpful for new players to improve their skills at the game and develop a good backgammon strategy. The chance to make money by online gambling is also certainly a key factor in encouraging people to login to Internet backgammon. The prizes available for the taking exceed those available in most local games. Furthermore, the social side of Internet backgammon has become important to many patrons. It provides a link between players throughout the world, and allows them to compete with each other as well as share their interest in the game in a friendly way.

The Author:

Supplementary readings and works that were written by Gene Marshall about online backgammon can be accessed on the internet. Online backgammon specialist Gene Marshall is commissioned by many renowned backgammon magazines. The writer focuses on writings about where to play backgammon and the backgammon game.

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