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The Real Hustle (UK) – The Backgammon Hustle

Paul and Alex try their luck at backgammon with controlled dice shots and t? Techniques of the time. From: The real rush of the BBC – Series 3, Episode 4

Video posted by: ScamOnTv

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Comments & Feedback on "The Backgammon Hustle"

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24 Responses to “The Backgammon Hustle”

  1. po58dvn Says:

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    I’m from a very poor area and we were never allowed to play BACK GAMMON we had to play BACK BACON…….

  2. pimpmyride666 Says:

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    Actually a person could slide the dice out of the cup but even then it would raise a red flag eventually.

  3. TSC57 Says:

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    legaly… surely not.. but that’s why they are demonstrating…

  4. darklengend44 Says:

    i never seen this tv show in the us even though i know we do have it but i like the uk better.

  5. computernerddd Says:

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  6. IhateLynnMoses Says:

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    That’s why you use a dice cup so this sort of thing can’t happen.

  7. Doctorwhite1995 Says:


    the bald guy? they were both bald lol

  8. jomomo Says:

    the bald guy was a chump.
    that was an obvious hustle.

  9. Miiw007 Says:

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    Hah “All games can be beaten”. I wanna see when they’re playing chess against chess grandmaster. I bet they can’t win ! :p

  10. bow07768278643 Says:

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    hehe good one!!

  11. bobmuffins Says:


    Only problem with Alex’s method: He’s likely to end up losing the 50 pounds from the earlier rounds XD

  12. Marushuki Says:

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    LMAO i kno the guy who alex is playing lol he used to be a teacher in my primary school his name was mr.beasley lol he was a cunt

  13. HypnoticDesire Says:

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    its good to make people aware that some games can be rigged, but this video is so fake…

    This scenario has been well timed from beginning on… Any regular player would never accept to have dice rolled like that…

  14. hitman1express Says:

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    pull and alex are proffical magicans its not hard for them

  15. hitman1express Says:

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    nar u can if u shave a edge

  16. frankodeprachi Says:

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    haha…if what the guy below says is true..the hustlers are nothing but actors, just when i started to like them..turns out their victims know what going to happen, come and learn some real tricks from the pro.

  17. steveperryisgod Says:


    Most Backgammon games come with a cup to throw the dice so if you’re playing with one of those sets, you obviously cannot cheat.

  18. Gus9763 Says:

    Actually I was an extra in this (the good looking one in the black t-shirt:), and was bursting to have a crack at one of the hustlers, but they just used the same 2 all the way through. As far as I know both the players were aware we were shooting for this programme, and having spoken to one of them afterwards I am not sure if he really understood the basics of bg money games anyway. The thing about rolling the dice by hand is right, and you would never get away with that in real tourney play.

  19. woowmagic1 Says:

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    just to make it clear dices are easy to cheat with just don’t be obvious as paul to obvious every time

  20. benjmin54321 Says:

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    this i bullsh1t
    . fake propaganda

  21. sjsawyer Says:

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    there are techniques for that as well

  22. timonix2 Says:

    i wonder, if they really use two sets of dices. one for each player it would be very easy to replace them with dices that roll to your favor. that way even with a cup it wouldn’t matter… altough i have never actuly seen anyone using two sets like they to on the show.

  23. noswaldan Says:

    you can spin the dice but what if you have a cup what would you do ?

  24. julesmin Says:

    absolute twaddle

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